Child Care at Outsiders

We currently offer Child care options at the following times:

9:00am-10:30am M-F
4:30pm class Monday-Friday

5:30pm class Tuesday and Wednesday
8:30am and 9:30am classes on Saturdays
9am and 10am classes on Sundays

Rates: $5 drop or $25 per month for 1 child, $10 for each additional child in family

Ages - 8 weeks - 7 years.

Policies for Children at our Gym / Child Care Room

- Children are not permitted on the gym floor at any time during a class or in between classes. If child needs to use the restroom or would like to break it down with us, parent must be escorting them.

- Children 8 years and older may sit in our kids room during classes but are not permitted to be on the gym floor, or in the extra gym space. The side room is reserved for 1-on-1 classes, athletes to do extra workouts outside of class, and any meetings we may have. With our expansion, we will be adding space for older children to sit during classes.

- Children who are under the age of 8 are permitted to sit in the kids room, unattended, during the classes that we do not have child care available under parents discretion and responsibility.

- Parents must be present, on gym premises, if child is in the kids room or at the gym.

- The only children allowed in the kids room are children of current members, while parents are on premises.

- No food in the kids room.

- Parents must sign children in and out of the kids room, sign in sheet will be located in the kids room.

- Parents will be called back to the room if child is crying for a period of 15 minutes or longer.

- For the safety and health of everyone, parents are asked not to bring their sick children to the gym. This includes: Fever, diarrhea/vommiting, pink eye, cloudy or otherwise discolored nasal or eye discharge, or any other obvious signs of illness.